Amazingly Delicious Desserts LLC -            Artistic Dominican Cake Expressions
Hello, I am Roxanna Hernandez, CEO/Cake Designer
I inherited my artistic abilities from my Mother Marina, who was an Artist, painter and Ceramist. Growing up I helped my Godmother Lina, a professional Baker with the cakes for family gatherings, Weddings, etc.
Seeking the American dream I pursued a Masters Degree in Business, and worked for top 100 Companies.  Nonetheless, I always felt a void, since my career did not have an outlet for my creativity.  I always had a passion for cooking and baking, and found Cake Design as the medium to express my Art.
I like to challenge myself to find exciting ways of creating my client's favorite gadgets into a realistic edible creation! whether it is a crystal shoe topper out of sugar, or a handbag is a perfect example of how I like to combine my love of fashion with my passion for cake design, as well as recreating a 3 dimensional Canon Camera or a Ferrari Sports car!
By starting Amazingly Delicious Desserts, LLC., I truly found my passion  in cake design, while amazing people with my delicious creations!
Roxanna Hernandez
Sugar Artist
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